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With a wide selection of all kinds of food, Venice, Italy, is full of wonderful and exciting places to eat. Local food writer Gina Tringali shares her favourite places in the city where she ate in Venice until she got a cream - stuffed donuts. There are many different types of restaurants where you can eat - ristoranti, which of course include everything from traditional to modern, such as bistros, cafes, restaurants and bars.

Every region of Italy has a must-try dish, but in Veneto, spaghetti (think thick spaghetti) from the region I visited is one of my favourites, as is a variety of seafood. Every restaurant in Venice has a fish aspect, and the dishes are also very inexpensive, so you can't burn your hole in the middle of the night without good food.

Experienced food travelers will want to save euros, dollars and shekels when staying at the Mestre in Venice, and you will be able to guide yourself through the best restaurants in Venice with your taste, events and requirements. If you are travelling to Venice and do not intend to eat pizza or pasta on your trip, these restaurants offer a good alternative to choose from. There are places where you can enjoy a good meal with a variety of dishes such as pizza, pasta, fish and seafood, as well as wine and beer.

Al Gato Nero is a restaurant on the island of Venice, famous for Burano's top-notch work. Pizza is one of the most popular dishes in the city in the Italian cities of Naples, Florence and Rome, and is also popular in other parts of Italy, such as the capital Rome. Most restaurants in Venice offer a variety of pizzas, pasta and pasta dishes, as well as wine and beer, although many offer much more. While some of them pick up on historical subtleties, others refine the taste of dishes with a contemporary Adriatic flair.

The restaurant L'Alcova at Casagredo Hotel is the perfect setting to watch the sunrise over the city of Venice and its beautiful beaches. This fabulous restaurant has been included in the Michelin Guide for 2019 and offers excellent cuisine in one of the most romantic scenarios in Venice, including a wide selection of wines and beers, as well as excellent cuisine. The best restaurants in Venice, Italy 2018, with the 10 best restaurants with the best food and drinks. With a menu that is awash with authentic Venetian cuisine, a restaurant has everything you could wish for, from traditional dishes to modern ones.

This Michelin-starred restaurant is located right on St. Mark's Square and has the highest prices for Venetian food. This is probably one of the best restaurants in Venice where you can eat some of the best seafood you've ever had here. Here you will taste the freshest and most delicious fried fish in the world, as well as a wide selection of wines and beers. This restaurant offers a huge selection of seafood, from fresh fish to Mediterranean seafood, and it is probably the only place in Venice where we will eat the best seafood we will ever eat here, along with wine.

If you're visiting Venice and want to know where to eat according to your budget, we've put together 23 of the best restaurants for you. Eating in Venice costs a lot, so be careful, but there are some tips you can eat - in Venice - to avoid spending a lot of money on visiting this beautiful city.

In no particular order, here are our top ten favourite restaurants in Venice. What are your priorities when choosing a restaurant in Veneto? Here are some suggestions to help you choose from: Ai Promessi Sposi is at the top of our list because we could only recommend one of the most popular restaurants on the main street of the city, Piazza della Republique.

The restaurant was opened by a Venetian and you can clearly feel it on the menu: classic Venetian dishes prepared with fresh local ingredients and a modern touch. Although the restaurant is not among the best in Venice on our list and the decor is a bit dated, it still serves unforgettable dishes that embody the rich culinary history of the city and its unique cuisine.

When you're done scrolling through this article, check out some of the other best tours we've done in Venice and other parts of Italy. Our team is in Venice, soaking up all the cichetti (delicious Venetian snacks) you can digest, ensuring that your culinary adventure to Venice is nothing short of stupefacente.

There are plenty of tourist traps in Venice, but if you do your research and rely on your culinary preparation, you have a good chance of eating in an overpriced tourist trap in Venice. If you're visiting Italy, why not try one of the best restaurants in the area, perched on a shimmering coastline?

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