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I was in Venice for four weeks and during those days I admired from afar a building called Molino Stucky. It was once a huge grain mill owned by one of Italy's most famous industrialists and businessmen, Giuseppe Molinari, but closed in 1955 and reopened in 2007 as Hilton Molino's Stucky Venice. The result is quite spectacular, with a great view of the city, the sea and the Mediterranean Sea, as well as a beautiful view over Venice itself.

The hotel has one of the few swimming pools in the city, which is in a stunning rooftop location, as you would expect from a Hilton. If that wasn't enough, you can take your breath away - with views over the sea and the Mediterranean Sea and of course Venice itself.

The downside of the hotel is that the shuttle bus boat takes about 15 minutes to take you to the main island of Venice. If you get off at the Giudecca Palanca DX stop, you can walk to the huge entrance of the Hilton Molino Stucky and then turn around and take the boat back to your hotel. Once you get off the shuttles and boats, take a boat on the other side and you will reach a main square on the main island.

A very nice offer is that you can take the shuttle bus from St. Mark's Square to Zatterre as often as you like and be back in town and to your hotel in 15 minutes. The Hilton shuttle boats cost 3 euros per person per day and arrive every 40 minutes. You can buy a bus ticket valid for the entire journey from the Hilton Molino Stucky Hotel to the main island of Venice. Check out the passages and passes between the Molinos Stuckies and Hilton of the Royal Caribbean Spendour of the Seas.

This is a great use of your Hilton points and the regular rate for a room varies from $300 to $500. And don't forget that you can earn up to 100,000 Hilton Points for 2 nights at the Hilton Molino Stucky.

We took the water bus to Venice for the night and it was a very nice experience, but we did not know that there is a fixed price for a ride in Venice. We only saw the $1 sign, so we weren't sure if there was a solution - price ride from Venice or not.

We used 50,000 points for one night and paid $68 a day for socializing and free internet and breakfast. We paid no room, internet or breakfast, but we booked a boat trip from Venice to Hotel Molino Stucky for $1.50 per day. Although the trip to Hotel Molino required a boat trip, it was worth it because we did not pay and we used all our points and used them all in one night.

We spent the next few days exploring Venice, which is not too busy and hot at this time of year. Nevertheless, after a full day in the heart of Venice, we were able to return to our hotel for the rest of our stay, which is one of the few remaining places with free Internet access and complimentary breakfast.

The airport and the railway stations of Giudecca Island are easily accessible, offering a peaceful respite from the intensity of the city by taking a short five-minute boat ride through the centre of Venice. There is a bus stop near our hotel that stops at the hotel at least every half hour, so we could get there in less than an hour.

The hotel offers a regular shuttle service to Piazza San Marco in the heart of the city. The outdoor pool is equipped with outdoor pools, a pool house and a private pool area for private use.

Well, good news: Travelers who book a room at the Molino Stucky Hilton often assume that they only need to take a water taxi to get to the hotel. Readers often don't know where they are, how to get there from the cruise port or whether they want to rest their legs on a sweltering day. There are also a number of ways for tourists to redeem Hilton's honor and earn points for a business trip.

Take a dip in the rooftop pool and enjoy the beautiful views of Venice, which is open seasonally from mid-May to September. The roof is a place overlooking the canal Guidecca and it is a great place to jump into a pool or take a walk on the beach.

A winter trip to Venice should be full of atmosphere and drama, and that's exactly what we got this year from our stay at the Hilton Molino Stucky in Venice. Don't think you can avoid Venice because acqua alta is an absolutely unforgettable and atmospheric experience.

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