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Local food writer Gina Tringali shares her thoughts on where to eat in Venice, from sourcing cream-filled doughnuts to the best pizza in the city's most popular restaurants.

Much as I love researching everything about food, traditions and culture, I decided to put together this guide to eat like a local in Venice, because I know that many of you may be interested in getting some tips on local food. I hope that this will give you a better understanding of what you can buy and eat in Venice and how not to get ripped off there. Before we start with the restaurants in Venice, I would like to introduce you to the gastronomic scene. Check out some traditional dishes of Venetian cuisine below and then head to the markets of Venice to start the meal.

Avoid the tourist traps of restaurants and taste the Sarde Saor in the traditional way, with a little salt and pepper and a good amount of olive oil.

Apart from Nero Seppia, there are few other pasta dishes that can be found in restaurants in Venice. If you want to taste real Venetian cuisine, you should definitely sit down and taste the local favourite ombra to enjoy a delicious dinner that includes some of the best pasta in Venice! Venetians and Venetians, liver and onions should be sought after by everyone, not just tourists but locals too.

If you want to experience the cuisine of Venice and other Italian cuisines, take a look at our list of the best culinary tours in Venice, Italy. If you are planning a trip to Venice but want to taste traditional Venetian food, check out our Hidden Venice Food Tour. Food tours and walks in Italy cover everything you need to know about Venice's food culture. Venetian cuisine and hope you will find a good version when you visit Venice in winter. There is no excuse for not coming to Veneta, not even for visiting the city of Veneto.

Now that you understand the basics of Venetian cuisine, we come to the most interesting part of dining in Venice.

You might think of pizza when you come to Italy, and certainly Florence has some of the best pizzas in the world, but there are many places where you can eat a great pizza, like the Bacari Cicchetti Bar at the Mestre in Venice, where I stayed. If you feel like eating, there are several "cicChetti" tours in Venice And they're great. The Bacaris and Ciccchettis in this bar are some of the good and cheap restaurants in Veneto and Venice.

The Paradiso Perduto is authentic, the pasta and seafood are fresh and the menu is entirely Italian, which is unusual in a tourist city like Venice. If you want to cover the full range of gastronomic offerings in Venice, from pizza to pasta to seafood, a guided tour of Venice is a really good idea. Even if you really want to eat like the Venetians or even like to eat locally, food tours are a great way to try the food without having to worry about the tourist traps. I can tell you which Cicchetti must be one of the best pizzerias in Italy, if not the world.

If you're traveling to Venice on a budget, you'll have plenty of delicious options to choose from, but if you still haven't found sublime food in Venice, don't worry. In Italy, there is much more to discover for the palate and there is much information on how to find the best traditional dishes of Venice. So here for you, foodies and Venice lovers, here are some great ideas where to eat on your budget in and around Venice. The food in Venice is delicious, it doesn't have to be expensive, so if you don't have to worry about eating in one of the most famous restaurants in the world, like Cicchetti or Paradiso Perduto.

Read on to learn more about 8 traditional Venetian food and drinks to try on your next holiday in Venice. If you are planning a trip to Venice, Italy, you can discover the best traditional food and drinks of Venice at a great price with our guide to Venetian food and drinks.

If you are a passionate foodie, you will love street food, but if you want to try a few more dishes, consider a cicchetti (wine and food tour) that will give you some great ideas for dining in Venice. If you don't have the chance to try a "cicChetti" in the best ciocchi (bars) in Venice, here is a list of the most popular restaurants and bars in the city that you can visit. Food in Venice can be quite expensive, and you should not experience the true variety of food in Italy unless you follow our advice for good food in Venice. You will enjoy fresh and local food, as well as tastings and tastings of traditional Venetian food and drinks.

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