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The Venice Film Festival attracts lovers and onlookers from all over the world to the lagoon city to enjoy the unique atmosphere during this time of Venice. In addition, the Venice Carnival brings people from all over the world to start Lent. There is certainly no better time to celebrate the first weekend in May for the Venetian Carnival than the week of June 4-5, when the Venice International Film Festival is held in Venice, Italy.

If you are lucky enough to be in Venice in autumn, it is a very lively and entertaining event. The Venice Carnival is another great affair, and there are a number of interesting things you can do during this time. In the evening, you can watch what is considered one of the best events of the Venetian Carnival.

Renting a costume for the Venice Carnival will make the experience unforgettable, but it should not be forgotten that it will not come cheap. If you are a fan of traditional costumes, such as the costume of a princess or a pirate, you can bet that you will consider all of these costumes a surprise.

This guide to the Venice Carnival contains the following story, the things you can do at the Venice Carnival, how to dress up for it and where to eat in Venice. Read more about when you are going to Venice and what to expect during your trip to help you plan your visit.

If you are a fan of classical music, you will be delighted when you visit Venice. Venice is complete if you discover it at a time when it was the entertainment capital of the world.

It was then that it was decided to revive the history and culture of Venice, and the Venetians of modern times recognized the potential of carnival to bring money to the city. The prestigious Venice Carnival reached a time when it was visited by thousands of visitors every year. This made Venice a magnet for the whole of Europe and bears the name of one of the most famous tourist attractions in Italy, the Venice Carnival.

The main festivities are the masquerade balls and private parties organized in the palace during the rhythm night of the Venetian Carnival. There are also events that take place at Lido Mestre Marghera in Burano, but the biggest event is the weekend before the actual carnival day. Not surprisingly, most, if not all, events during the Venetian Carnival are coordinated by the Venetian Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Venice City Council itself. The events and entertainment take place all year round, with the big event being the weekends before and after the actual Carnevalle Day.

If you are interested in participating in the 2020 Venice Carnival, plan your trip to Venice in advance and join your loved ones in this extravagant spectacle. If you are in Venice, it is worth visiting all the events and even coming a few days ahead of schedule, so make the most of your visit.

If the sounds of singers serenading you with Italian classics sound appealing, then opt for a gondola ride when you visit Venice to experience this fairytale experience. Venice Food Tours and walks in Italy are excellent, but Cicchetti Food Tour is an excellent alternative whenever you visit Venice.

If you plan to visit the city at the same time as one of these events, it is recommended to book at least 1-2 months in advance to choose between the Redentore Festival in Venice and the Cicchetti Food Tour in the lagoon. Make a note of the dates and make sure you sign up for the Redenore Venice, which promises to be the most exciting festival of its kind in Europe this year. Hurry up before booking your stay in the lagoons of Venice, because it is the best time of year for the festival.

Given the large number of tourists coming to Venice for the Feast of the Saviour in 2020, it is advisable to plan your trip early. Chances are you'll definitely be at the famous Venice Carnival in 2020. If you are not visiting Venice during its annual February Carnival, it is possible to buy and manufacture one of these famous Venetian carnival masks. Book your hotel and be sure to book early as the festival will cause a major traffic jam in the lagoons.

If you want to take some souvenirs home from your trip to Venice, Italy, we recommend you pick up some authentic Murano glasses.

The Venice Carnival and the Venice Film Festival are the most anticipated events of the year and are celebrated with great enthusiasm and vigour. The Volo dell'Angelo is held every year on the first Saturday in August in Venice and marks the opening of the Venice Carnival. Every year, when the Biennale is celebrated, the festivities end with a festival of art, music, food, entertainment and, of course, a major film festival.

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